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Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen pdf

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen by Roger M. Butler

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen

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Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen Roger M. Butler ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0139149538, 9780139149535
Page: 496

A tiny Canadian oilsands company has struck a deal with a subsidiary of China's state-owned oil corporation, agreeing to trade information on oilsands technology and potential exploration efforts. Alberta's vast oil sands — a mixture of sand, water and a semisolid form of petroleum called bitumen — account for 97 percent of Canada's proven crude oil reserves, making Canada the largest source of foreign oil for the world's According to a report by oil sands industry consulting firm Strategy West, “The primary disadvantage of steam-based thermal recovery techniques is the large amount of energy and water that must be consumed for the generation of steam. In the 1960s, introduction of thermal recovery technologies (application of steam technology) caused abrupt and substantial additions to reserves in fields that contain heavy oil (American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity less than . Over the past year Excelsior Energy Limited has investigated various bitumen recovery mechanisms that could potentially reduce the large requirements for capital, fuel gas and process water associated with thermal recovery. We would have had the best oil reservoir in the world sitting right here.” As it is, the resource is heavy. Zones too thin for traditional thermal recovery. The Essential oil sands of Alberta North america Incorporate bitumen reserves Comparable in Sizing Towards the Essential oil fields in Saudi Arabia. A CNOOC limited offshore project, and Sunshine Oilsands' research of the 'multi-component thermal fluid thermal recovery technology' gives a possible indication that it could work economically in bitumen reservoirs,” co-chairman Songning Shen said in a press release. There has been an increase in the exploration of unconventional crude oils, which almost equal global conventional oil reserves - from bitumen through to heavy oils. Solid tar sand bitumen is mined and liquified in surface plants. However, the random nature of the carbonate bed, which is neither uniform nor consistent, makes economical bitumen recovery a technological challenge. The 1800-bpd Saleski pilot began production in 2011 and is considered the world's first carbonate project using thermal horizontal well recovery for bitumen. Language: English Released: 1991. ET Energy's Electro Thermal technology could be used to pump out 600 billion barrels of Alberta's oil sands bitumen. That's more than A 5 page research article on electrically stimulated oil recovery from 2000. Because of “reserve growth,” a country or a company may increase its oil reserves without tapping new areas if it can recover more oil from its known fields. Kerogen in oil shale is a solid that is either The ultra-heavy oils are recovered in situ by heat injection, mostly as steam. GO Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen Author: Roger M. Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen.

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